Future, is unknown and mystery, we cant ensure it work as we like, but we can decide it on our own!

As usual
update a blog on off day

Time passing without notice
is been a month i work

Through out go back work this time
i discover one thing
the style
or so call pattern
the workers nowadays
unlike those i work with previously

I understand that no one will work all the time during work
"Snake" is a common word for majority of workers
i admit
me also did not 100% time working all the time

But anyhow
when time to serious,
we should get back to work

Problem is
they can doing nothing and keep on swing in shop from morning till night
they can do one simple thing that we can finish it within minutes
they takes hours

I m here not aim to criticize anyone
but i am very unsatisfied with those citizen that name wif 马
they are really amazing
no matter which place
which corner
all having all the negative elements
lazy+delay+brainless+no common sense+...

I am pretty admire them
how they survive so long over century
perhaps should exceed from this dimension

Dont block others if you are continue to lying like shit!!
Keep it on, and i foresee the day your dream come true
22nd of May 2010
I made a decision
a decision that decide my future
a decision that bothering me so much in past

I accept the project
Although with zero confident
and lack of skill
What i aim is
the ability of practice in the past

Through this
I ask several past coursemate opinion
All of them advice me take it as challenge
Is nothing to scare
and worry for
There are only two outcomes
Success and fail
Simple enough

New things to learn and explore soon
and it may direct me to a different journey that i imagine
Thanks for all those comment and advices
It does helped me a lot

By considering your trust and worthy
i shall try my best to complete the project
i wont let u dissapointed unless i fail myself before u fail me

The slogan for recently
"Always be Ready"
For those who was scout before should know this very well
Perhaps it can lead me
and guide me till the end~

For those working like me
Gambateh to you all,
together we fight for future!!
unknown and mystery
I think i get into that stage
stage that time to plan future

A nice chat with my employer
A speech that make me clear
That tell me what should i do

I know what should i do
but i duno what i want to do

I wish i can work in IT field
but one sentence of him makes me doubt
Are you clear what is your aim?
Perhaps he was right
I am not interest in Game Design
Instead, i am prefer in Game Play

And now
A challenge is in front me
A challenge that consume one year time
A challenge that may help me achieve in IT field
But also may waste my past 2 years study

I worry
I scare
Should i Take the challenge?
regardless any impacts?

Someone can help me?
Lend me your hand~
The release of result
reveal the paths for each one takes soon
some continue further study
some start working like me
some remain nothing, shakin' ass

not much of word to speak
For those continue further
wish u all the best for the education journey soon
For those work
Wish you can have a wonderful achievement
For those remain nothing
I nothing to say, u r hopeless

Once again,
thanks to my all M45 members
that went through for two years time
No matter how good our relationship are
I apprecieate all of you


*For those who unable to proceed,
think optimisticly
i don't know how to console
Yet, don't give up
you all are still the best in my heart
Is been a week i work
the time schedule getting familiar
Tiredness become my intimate friend

Although work seems to be tired
but i prefer it compare to study

Study we damm pressure during exam time,
and that kind of tension is emotional
unlike work only consume our physical energy
probably sleep few hours can regain

Study need build good relationship with such many people
our class 33 people
but work place only 5 staff
no argue, no boycott
all work in harmony environment

Sometimes may encounter critism of customers
and even boss
but for me,
is nothing but just a crap
as long as the work get done
no one will go bother how u did it
and i very sure that i have that kind of ability, ^v^

result going to release
the moment we spend two years and now will reveal the outcome
Everyone should have planning for future bah~
For those not yet plan
Is time to keep your packs
Else u will left behind

Today is mother's day
Greet all the mothers on this earth
Finish educated
Back to hometown
cherish the moment with family
But lack of the access to internet
the stupid F Tmnet keep on delay the repair and mainteance
due to the cable stolen..zz

Is such a suffer for me cannot online
i wonder how i get through the past
Without internet
i cant crap on msn
i cant view blog whenever i want
i cant go be my guild leader in my favourite zhuxian

Luckily i get motor after few days
Search for friend
mostly go work
then switch my target
go aim for job
and go for interview for the sake of future

One with short time interval but lower salary
can learn new things
since need to learn how 2 manage windows servers and Machintosh server

One is my friend intro
acocunting firm,
shorter firm but with one freaky boss

At the same time
my ex-boss (from lighting shop)
invite me go back for HR turnover

But the wish i really want to is
work at penang
to show what i learn
to ensure my 2 years effort is worth

Which way should i choose
I receive suggestion and opinion from many friends
but different views
how i need to analyze and make an appropriate choice?

Finish education of diploma for two years
Most of coursemate recently update the same thing
Miss u all la
Farewell la
Some even happy cause of quit as classrept ^ ^

Chinese got one idioms
"there is no no-ending dinner on this world"
Along our life
we shall have many kinds of challenge and environment
At this moment,
you enjoy your college life
at next moment,
u may need to shift yourself to working environment

All i want to say is
True Friend will be bond together
If the bond is strong
there no way to break it up
But If you did not trust
then there no way to strengthen up ur friendship

My plan for future will begin soon
It fulfill what i desire

My fellow coursemates
perhaps we should awaits the convocation
Good luck for final paper ^ ^v